Step-In Testing Conference Bangalore: 30/08-31/08 2018

Step-In Testing Conference Bangalore: 30/08-31/08 2018

What I realized there were people from two school of thoughts participating in the Step-In Conference:

  • The cutting-edge technologies such as Machine Learning, AI, IOT etc. are on the horizon, we need to upgrade our skill to face it.
  •  The second school of thought, are we doing the basic things right prior to jump and prepare our self to face the cutting-edge technologies (Are we doing correct estimation for software testing, are we following the basic equivalence partition to figure out the test scenarios etc.).

The presentations which I found interesting:

  • Dev-Ops: Amazon maintained multiple production environments by delivering 1 build to production in every 3 seconds. They achieved the same by empowering the agile teams and by implementing Dev-Ops.
  • The GUI is No Longer King –API Testing is important: Rather than automate all the functional test cases at UI layer, need to focus on API layer. Nowadays, systems are composed of the multiple components which are interacting with each other through API where GUI comes at the top of the pyramid. So, automating the API, not only reduced the issues in the service layer but also it will create a stable base for the UI layer.
  • Redesign the automation of the Sanity Test cases: It is important to test all the components which is composing the entire eco system are up or not, prior to running the sanity testing of the APP. In case of any failure, we can quickly reach out the team which is responsible for that component and can save us lot of efforts. UI level sanity testing can’t provide information about the system failure of the components.
  • No Jugaad: Jugaad (alternative arrangement) is not the solution to the problem, it creates chaos more specifically in the scripts of automation which is eventually increase the maintenance effort. So proper coding & review mechanism is extremely important.

How Can I remain relevant in the frequently changing world of technologies?

Vipul Kocher, the president of ISTQB share some light on it, at the end of the conference, as per him by creating a profound learning plan one can survive this tsunami of new technologies:

Areas to focus:

Clouds: AWS++

Mobile: Appium, Ranorex, Java

AI-ML: TensorFlow, Python

BAU: Selenium, Exploratory Testing, Arjuna, TestNG, Cucumber

Blockchain, IO 

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