What is TruePath

TruePath is a web extension designed for Chrome & Firefox browser.

What it do

Once installed when a user right clicks on any web element on the web page, it will display all the XPath as context menu items.


Reduce the manual effort of the construction of XPath drastically.

For Chrome or Firefox (old versions): It group the XPath as follows

1. XPath with id, href, src: This group will list all XPath, which has id, href, src or any http\ https as attribute. 

2. XPath with class, name, title: This group will list all XPath except those containing id, href, src or any http\ https.

3. XPath with index: As the name suggest this group will contain all indexed XPath.

It will show normal XPath and Page Object XPath format i.e., @FindBy, it can easily be used as Selenium locater, Selenium Page Object locater or Serenity Page Object locater.

TruePath-ultimate version has addon capabilities of

  • It capture the page title from where the page is generated
  • Dynamically identify the element name to use directly in code
  • It will show the iFrame URL in case the xpath is generated from iframe so that user can quickly identify that from which iFrame or Frame the XPath is generated.

User can now download XPaths from Element List grid. From the element list grid, it can edit or delete any XPath.
This XPath Plugin also has the capability to generate the XPath using text value. It has built in intelligence that if the element have long, auto-generated attributes such as id=”abc123_ElementContains_Inputs_txtName” it will attempt to locate based on the final (and most significant) part of the value only.

TruePath to identify XPath from iFrame on click

TruePath Ultimate comes with dev tool support. User can now create custom XPath. It also provide

ID of the element
Name of the element
Relative XPath are grouped as discussed above
Absolute XPath of the element

What people say?
Nice and simple tool to view website locators in new version of web browsers. Easy to create selenium scripts.
TruePath es genial, lo estoy usando casi todos los días. Ahora puedo crear secuencias de comandos de selenio rápidamente. Gracias.
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